Why Will Professional Management Portraits Be Always Important for Your Company?

21. 5. 2018

Every stable and progressing business should think about their visual identity and online presentation. The personal branding story of each company is an important asset to the overall performance of the business and of its development.

It turns out that not many companies have good portraits of their management and staff, meaning that the poor, low quality or random images used in companies’ websites can only scare away the potential new clients. Your business only gets one chance for first impression, so it is very crucial for it to be as good as possible. Defining who you are and what you do, who are your employees and what are their roles will help people perceive you in the right way and trust you. This is why you should consider to get a professional headshot of your staff.

professional business headshot portrait photographer


  • Another place where these portraits could be of great use is the biggest business social network – LinkedIn. Growing through the years, LinkedIn has reached its peak and it is flourishing at the moment – offering not only connections between employees and employers, but also creating a space for job hunting and finding. Thus, the photographs you and your management will upload on LinkedIn accounts are of high importance and also the first thing the website asks you do after signing up. The image uploaded then is visible constantly – in comments, posts, profile and on the feed, people will see your profile photo repeatedly. The international 330 million users’ platform is a very vital tool for stable businesses nowadays. This networking platform allows for connections to be made between businesses and the way that you represent yourself is as if this is your CV and only shot.

professional business headshot portrait photographer

  • While a good portrait could bring you many benefits, a bad image can bring the opposite effects. Portraits which are pixelated show that your business is not up-todate with technology, also it is very unprofessional and furthermore it clearly states that you do not pay attention to any details. If on the other hand your management decides to submit you their favourite picture of themselves, you will end up buried with vacation and family snaps, weird background, restaurant selfies and so on. All of these images maybe look great in terms of quality and colours, but they could only go for your management’s personal social media. If you decide to use their photographs in a professional environment, then you will be suffering a lack of interest in your company and will built a very bad reputation quickly.


  • Not only your business will appear much more professional and friendly, but also by using professional headshots you will also give a personal touch to your identity. Headshot photography has been used heavily in business marketing in recent years. Furthermore, most people would prefer to see how the person they are about to do business with, looks like.


  • A few things you should consider regarding the pro portraits of your management are that you should not only hire a professional photographer to create the images, but also make sure you do not use the pictures for more than two years. Remember that people change and you would have to update the images because your clients and other businesses would want to see the accurate appearance of your team. Moreover before you book your professional photography session think about what colour background you would like – match this with you website design or just keep it simple by using white or grey backdrops.

professional business headshot portrait photographer

Look at the portrait of yourself you are currently using and think whether it represents you good enough, is it suitable for your company? How old is this picture and is it up-to-date? Then think again whether you would like your business to be a successful one, appear professional and follow the latest trends by having great portraits of your management taken by a photographer or you would like to keep the pixelated travel pictures and frighten away potential clients and businesses.