Top 10 Venues & Event Spaces in Barcelona

27. 2. 2018

Barcelona is beautiful city that encompasses everything wonderful about Spain and its magnificent
culture. If you’re hosting a conference or any kind of company event and you’re looking for a place
that’s exotic and brimming with history and culture, that’s picturesque and wonderful, then consider
booking one of these 10 venues in Barcelona.

1 – The Royal Shipyards 

Barcelona is a regal city. It’s the place to go when you want to feel like royalty. If you want to keep that feeling alive, and impart it upon your guests, then you absolutely should host your conference at Les Drassanes Reials de Barcelona – the Royal Shipyards of Barcelona. This beautiful, majestic venue holds 1000 people, and showcases the absolute best in Spanish history and architecture.

Hire a pro photographer in Barcelona for this venue and you’ll get the most beautiful, perfect photos your company will ever have.

2 – Gallery Hotel

The Gallery Hotel is the ideal business hotel. The accommodations are great, the staff is known for being phenomenal, and the hotel will bend over backwards to ensure that your conference goes smoothly.

The hotel is in a good location too, with lots of places for your guests to check out when they aren’t in the room you’ve booked, including one of the best museums in Barcelona.

3 – Arena Fira 

There have been some amazing fashion shows hosted at Arena Fira. The venue has spectacular bars, and boasts a gorgeous terrace that you just have to see for yourself. The staff will help you co-ordinate and plan your event to the last detail as well, and there is security personnel to keep everyone safe.

4 – Antiga Fabrica Estrella DAMM 

All the tech companies love to host events in this renowned brewery. The décor is casual and smooth,
like a club, and some of the spaces inside can hold over 400 people. It’s also right around the corner
from one of Barcelona’s most beloved landmarks, La Sagrada Familia.

5 – Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona

Museums make for good venues for corporate events. The mix of business, high class, and culture always promotes the kind of creativity and inspiration that helps your company succeed. You can book the Museum for events and submerse you and your attendees in that indescribable atmosphere. Let the creativity of some of the best Spanish artists inspire you and your guests.

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6 – Peralada Resort

The Peralada Resort is one of the most popular event spaces in the city, and with good reason. Service is personalized to ensure that you and your guests have an amazing experience. The gardens are incomparably beautiful and provide the perfect space for evening events, and the rooms available to rent have crisp, modern décor with a Spanish twist.

There are a variety of spaces at Peralada, each capable of facilitating different types of events.

7 – InGracia 

Sometimes when you are abroad, what you really want is a little reminder of home. If you go to InGracia, that’s what you’ll find – the western-inspired décor and design contrasts spectacularly against the vibrant Spanish culture that surrounds the venue.

Fun fact: InGracia is a famous venue that has been used for conferences and events by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Ford, and countless other top tier corporate giants. There’s a reason all the big names flock to InGracia. See for yourself.

8 – The Foundery 

This is the kind of place you absolutely need to bring a photographer along for. The Foundery provides excellent food and they have all the gear needed to make your conference stand out, but if you really want the best experience, you should go for the Reial Rooftop. Host your event out on the roof and enjoy the beautiful Spanish weather and the great view as you talk business.

9 – Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya 

The architecture of this place is magnificent. It’s bold, exciting, and energizing, which is just what you need for a conference. There are big spaces available for hosting up to 500 people, or you could go small for more intimate conferences. There’s a good variety in the rooms and quality catering services.

Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya has hosted classy fashion shows and important international business
meetings. It’s a trusted venue among big names in every industry.

10 – Hesparia Tower Hotel

Hesparia Tower isn’t the flashiest venue, but it is reliable, affordable, and exceptionally convenient. It’s got close proximity to the airport, the transit system, and some popular tourist attractions. The
accommodations are exceptional, and if your guests like Mediterranean food then they will definitely
eat well.

The rooms are luxurious, and the space available for your conferences are great.

Barcelona is the city of royalty, so go, host your event there, and spend your time living like a king/queen.